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Historical Formation and Modern Evolution of the Constitutional State


Course description

The course studies the crucial supranational challenges to the constitutional state, resulting from globalization and European integration, and leading to new forms in the organization and the legal and political evolution of crucial constitutional institutions, at the level a) of political power, through the impact of the federalist principle, and important changes in the protection of human rights, b) of central government, with the emergence of the independent authorities, c) of decentralization and local government.

The course aims to:

  • familiarize with the debate over the continuously changing legal and political role of the constitutional state
  • underscore the rapid changes taking place globally (globalization) and at the European level (integration)
  • reflect critically on contemporary constitutionalism
  • study the federal principle in relation with the central government
  • study the administrative reform and the independent agencies
  • study the current tendencies on decentralization and local government.

Learning outcomes

With the successful completion of the course the student shall be in a position to:

  • know the historical development of the constitutional state
  • understand the current tendencies in the evolution of the constitutional state due to globalization and European integration
  • focus on the impact of the aforementioned developments on the evolution of important sectors of the modern state.