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MSc Dissertation


The master’s dissertation has a research character with elements of originality. It focuses on planning and conducting a research on issues related to the analysis and understanding, through an interdisciplinary perspective, of the main changes that are taking place in the role, legal foundations and institutions, as well as in the organization and operation of the modern state.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the master’s dissertation, the postgraduate student will be able to:


  • understand the historical and current evolution of the specific research topic
  • know the different approaches of research methods on the subject
  • have knowledge of different methods of data analysis in order to justify the research questions and/or test the research hypotheses in the context of the topic


  • conduct a search of different bibliographic sources
  • identify and document gaps in scientific knowledge
  • formulate appropriate research questions and/or research hypotheses
  • choose the appropriate methodology for the purposes of the research


  • assess the bibliographic material (digital or non-digital)
  • design surveys that answer specific research questions
  • adapt the research course according to its development data
  • draw conclusions based on the particular data
  • compare the results of his/her research with those of similar researches
  • transform and produce scientific knowledge.